We created LED visual scenography (50 digital stripes were used) for the project THE FOREFATHERS' EVE. 
THE FOREFATHERS' EVE project is an unprecedented meeting of two musical worlds – acoustic improvised music with contemporary electronic music. Within the framework of the project, a recognised pianist and composer, Piotr Orzechowski ‘Pianohooligan’ invited exquisite creators of widely understood ambient music, including William Basinski, Christian Fennesz, Krzysztof Knittel, and Robert Rich who together with High Definition Quartet jazz ensemble endeavour to propose a musical interpretation of the old Slavonic ritual of the Forefathers’ Eve presented in Part 2 of the evergreen drama of Adam Mickiewicz of the same title.
The original story will be told through music by contrasting the opposite spheres: human (improvisation) and spiritual (electronic sets) ones. The ritual participants will be played by the jazz quarter while each of the invited artists will be one of the summoned ghosts. 

Project is a musical event of OEES Open Eyes Economy Summit.
Place: ICE ((International Conferences and Entertainment) Kraków
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