A night from the past is rebellious music by the Afro-American gay musician Julius Eastman! His compositions are based on repetitions and aggressive, mass-sound minimalism.
For this concert we designed scenography based on projection mapping. Visuals were based on a grid covered  by various shapes and objects combined with glitches, distortions and pixel sorting.
Place: Łaźnia Nowa Theater
Spectralism emerged in France among Olivier Messiaen’s students, including first of all Gérard Grisey. However in Romania it developed independently in parallel, assuming a special form. Briefly speaking, French spectralism is mathematical, whilst Romanian spectral music is more intuitive, one can even say romantic.
For this concert we developed LED scenography based on about hundred of our tube devices. 
Place: Łaźnia Nowa Theater
The programme of African American music, generously seasoned with Minimalism, was originally prepared by the musicians for Steve Reich’s 80th birthday celebrations last year.
For this concert we created generative video filters combined with visuals drawn by Karolina Dżbik. 
Place: ICE Kraków Congress Centre
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