The opening concert of this year’s Sacrum Profanum festival was a tribute to independence and inspiration. Piloci Studio created visual scenography for this concert based on projection mapping. A geometric shape with effects iside and around it. Main theme for the animations were noises, glitches, distortion and pixel sorting.
Shape mask

Screens from animations
Great Mike Patton together with violinist and composer Eyvind Kang and Sinfonietta Cracovia presented a fresh material from the album Virginal Co-ordinates, which is a fusion of improvised music included in the organizing framework of the classics. Piloci Studio created visual scenography for this concert including projection mapping with real time generated camera effects and filters for video coverage that were mixed live with glitchy and noisy animations.
Laborintus II is a manifesto of multiplicity. It is a work, with which Berio testifies to the modern world, complex, ambiguous, full of interconnections and inspiration. For this final concert of Sacrum Profanum 2016 we prepared liquid visualisations that were made and mixed live during the show. 
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