The second part of the event - Party, was inspired by the world of Willy Wonka and Alice in Wonderland, and it was called:
First of all we prepared teaser for the Panattoni Party event that was sent to all the invited guest as an interactive invitation.
As a continuation of this story during the event, we presented Panattoni Party Intro.
Finally the Party stage was revealed to the guests and there we presented our Notch VFX camera filters and motion graphics.
CEO / Art Director Hubert Kaszycki
 COO Edyta Kopytko
Creative Director Adam Nyk 
​​​​​​​Art Director Patryk Zimończyk 
CG Artists Viktoria Petkovic, Severyn Bartosevych 
Notch VFX Designers Tomasz Liszkowski, Andrzej Tomaszewski 
Head of Motion Graphics Amadeusz Ferduła 
Motion Graphics Artists Patryk Zimończyk, Amadeusz Ferduła, Adam Nyk, Alicja Kot, Kasia Laska, Anna Białek 
Editing Patryk Zimończyk, Anna Białek  

Place Racetrack Służewiec, Warsaw 
Executive producer Res Bona Event 
Video Content Piloci Studio 
Notch VFX Piloci Studio 
Technology Stage4You, Brill AV Media 
disguise Engineer Tomasz Szwelicki 
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