The 25th JSW SA Jubilee Gala took place on 19 April in the concert hall of the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra in Katowice. To honor this special occasion together with Visualsupport  we have prepared special show combining various fields of visual arts. Inspired by the beautiful architecture of NOSPR concert hall we decided to use video mapping 3D technique on the pipe organs and stage floor. In addition, we have created a specially designed scenography created from 120 digitally controlled LED tubes with custom made animations. In the center of the stage was placed big high-res LED display with live generated visuals and video coverage of musicians created in Notch VFX software. All the visuals were mixed to magical music theme from the original motion picture Interstellar in the arrangement of Joachim Mencel. 
Production - Visualsupport 
Technology - Visualsupport 
Mapping 3D content - Piloci Studio
LED Tubes - Piloci Studio 
Motion Design - Piloci Studio
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